Scenic Acres
A Little Bit of Heaven
in the Nevada Mountains
It's a cross between a farm, a nursery, and a national park. It's Lola's Place.

She calls it Scenic Acres, and boy is it ever scenic. Nestled on the west side of the Spring Mountain range, due west of Las Vegas' glitter, glow and glitz, it's a place where the air is clean, the water pure, and the sky is as broad and beautiful as the sky from any John Ford western.

At night, you can lounge out on the deck and see a mass of stars. The Big Dipper. Orion. The North Star -- you don't see that many stars in any city. In Las Vegas, you don't see any stars at all. But at Scenic Acres, you can see why the galaxy is named "The Milky Way." The stars congregate in the heavens above as if they were forming a carpet of light, merely for your amusement.

By day, spring and summer are full of chirping birds and buzzing bees. In Autumn, the trees she's planted change color. She's planted a stand of Aspen, which turn golden as autumn days go on. In the winter, the snow sets in, and Lola stays in the city, away from her paradise.

Lola has spent years of work, planting, pruning and weeding, and quite a bit of time chasing rabbits, which have an affinity for her lettuce. She grows fruits, vegetables, and flowers. They attract wildlife, birds, and neighbors. It's a place where most birds sing and the hummingbirds hum. It's a source of refuge from the heat of the desert floor, for Scenic Acres is 6500 feet above sea level.

Scenic Acres is probably a misnomer, though. This should be called "Holy Acres."


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