Steel and Sky
I've been asked why I take pictures of odd, man-made objects, like power poles, telephone poles, and microwave towers. I've tried to figure this out myself. I guess I just like the contrast between the stark man-made skeletons, and the fluff of the background sky.

Wood and Wire
Sometimes, I use the the manmade object, whether it's a pole, a tower, a barn, or a house, as a item to set off a sunset. This picture would still be beautiful if this power pole weren't in it, but the pole adds some depth and perspective to the sunset.
Pyramid Power
In the case of this Microwave tower, near Milford, Utah, I positioned the sun behind the tower, in order to put the tower into silhouette. That highlights the tetrahedrons that form the tower structure, and the antennas hanging off of the tower provide points of focus.

It's true. This page takes itself way too seriously.

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