How you can help keep these websites alive!

Hi! My name's Daryl Gibson,
and I appreciate you clicking
through to this page.

How you got to this spot.

Most likely you have come to this spot from one of my web sites, in answer to a plea to help support it if you can. Perhaps you really like the material I've offered you, and want to help. Maybe you're just interested in seeing what I'm talking about. Maybe you followed a search engine link and are now wondering what you've gotten yourself into.

How you can help.

However you got here, welcome! Let me explain briefly what you can do to help.

I've been trying to use my websites : Gibson's Teton Project, Lighthouses of the West Coast, Lola's Flowers, Judy's Snapdragons,,,, Gibson's Autumn Pictures, Gibson's Other Pictures, Gibson's Lightning Pictures, and a bunch of others, including AT&T Microwave Towers revisited, to make the world a prettier, better place. Those websites could use your help in keeping them going and funded.

You can help by doing the following:

Use this link when ordering from

My website (the positive place) is an associate. As part of that, if you purchase anything at through one of my weblinks, I will receive a small percentage of your purchase price, at no additional cost to you. That money is applied towards keeping the websites operating. Even if you don't come back to my websites regularly (but please do!), you can help on a continuing basis by setting a bookmark/favorite, using the link from my website. Each time you follow that bookmark, it comes from my associates account.

I'd like to help, but I'm nervous about Amazon:

I was nervous when I started e-commerce, too. Maybe it will help if you read this. Be sure to come back when you're done.

How to set up a favorite/bookmark to Amazon:

To set a bookmark/favorite to Amazon:
Right-click in Windows, either in Netscape or Internet Explorer (hold the right mouse button down)
on the following link: Choose "Add Bookmark" (in Netscape) or "Add to Favorites" in Internet Explorer. On a Macintosh, since you don't have a "right" mouse button, hold the mouse button down for a couple of seconds to get the menu.

Adding a favorite to your web toolbar:

In Internet Explorer, you can also add this link to your "Links Toolbar." If the toolbar is not showing, look at the right of the address bar. Look for the word "Links." Click where it says "Links," hold the mouse button down, and move the toolbar below the address bar. Right-click on this link:, and while you're holding down the right mouse button, drag it up to the links toolbar, and let up on the button.

In Netscape, you also have a personal toolbar. To set a link to it, follow the link, then look for the small green and yellow icon to the left of the "location" bar. Drag that icon to the personal toolbar below it.

How you can help further:

Tell your friends about the sites, and ask them to use these bookmarks to buy from, if they can. It costs you nothing, and it helps me out more than you can know.

One way or the other, thanks for stopping by!

Whether you decide to help or not, thanks very much for dropping in. It's my desire to help make my little part of the Web a place of learning and beauty. If you agree, please tell your friends, and stop by often.

Do you have comments?

Please drop me a note.

Thanks again!

Daryl Gibson

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