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The Grand Tetons, shadowed by early morning clouds. Kodachrome shot

Welcome! Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to the east of Wyoming's Teton Range, is a mix of lakes, streams, wildlife, tourists, and some of the best scenery that God ever granted this world. 

I love it so much that I habitually travel to it at least once each summer. I've scanned some of those pictures in, and put them on this web page, plus three others.

There are a couple of thousand more...but these are a sampling of some of the places around Jackson Hole.

These images of Grand Teton National Park are photographed by Daryl Gibson, and are copyrighted. You are free to link to them, as long as you note my name, but I reserve all rights to the images.

Click on each image, or at the text to the
right of the image to see an enlarged version of the picture.

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All the pictures on Pages 2-4 (lots of pictures, best for fast connections)

(A Note on screen Gamma)

snake river overlook sunrise picture Click here to see one of the sunrise series, snake3.jpg
snake river overlook sunrise picture Click here to see one of the sunrise series, snake4.jpg
snake river overlook sunrise picture Click here to see one of the sunrise series, snake95.jpg
snake river overlook sunrise picture
snake river overlook sunset picture
Click here to see snake5.jpg, a sunset taken from the overlook, with the Tetons in silhouette
snake river overlook daytime picture
Click here to see snake90.gif, a daytime shot from the same angle.


photograph of Mt. Moran at dusk Click here to see moran921.jpg, taken in the fall, at dusk. I call this "Blue Moran"
late afternoon photo of Mt. Moran Click here to see moran951.jpg, a wide-angle, late afternoon shot, that has been cropped for a panorama effect
Mt. Moran photograph at twilight Click here to see moran952.jpg, a picture taken about an hour after sundown.
Mt. Moran at Oxbow Bend, morning shot Click here to see moran953.jpg, a daylight shot taken a couple of hours after sunrise.


Click here to see tetons1.jpg. This shows the streamers of an upcoming thunderstorm front.

southern park entrance photograph of tetons Click here to see tetons2.jpg.This one was shot shortly after sunrise, at the south entrance to the park. Most shots you see of the range are taken from a head-on or north angle, so this is a bit of a different angle.
Ektachrome slide of early morning teton shot Click here to see tetons3.jpg. This one and tetons4.jpg are two shots of the Grand Tetons, surrounded by early morning clouds. One was shot on Ektachrome, the other on Kodachrome 200.

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Grand Teton home page

A Guide to Photographing the Grand Tetons

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Flower Photographs by Daryl Gibson from Lola's Garden

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